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I know P&B is heavily slanted towards Yes cos we're mainly good guys*, but with Indyref2 being planned, let's take the current temperature of the forum.

How many fine upstanding*, caring*, progressive* people would vote Yes and how many old folk*, Sevco fans* and arseholes* do we have?

*jokes, obvs

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21 minutes ago, sophia said:

I shall be positive again.

This will also be the choice of my Slovenian colleague who "won't make that mistake again"


Along with approximately 200,000 other EU migrants who will also be unlikely to "make that mistake again"

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At the moment I would have to abstain. I need a clear plan for what our trading relationship with the EU/rUK will be and on what timescale and relatedly a starting plan for the currency and how we are going to deal with our effective fiscal deficit.

Although the democratic imperative is much stronger this time round these countervailing considerations are much more acute.

I probably won't get a vote though because I'm likely to be living outside of Scotland.

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It's an obvious yes.... even more so than last time.

Forget all the nonsense about brexit etc. I have no idea if that is a good thing or not but the fact that no matter what we want in Scotland if the other countries, particularly England, want something different then that's what will happen because we have less people/voters. It is not a fair union.

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54 minutes ago, Bairnardo said:

Abstained last time.

Leaning heavily towards yes this time.


49 minutes ago, kilbowie2002 said:

Its fucking marvellous to have you on board! Welcome and please do your best to speak to your local campaign and tell them why you abstained last time.

ditto :thumsup2

47 minutes ago, johnnydun said:

I will be voting the same way as last time and the same way everytime its needed, Yes.

me tae :thumsup2

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No - Scotland hasn't seen the mass influx of immigrants from eastern Europe yet like the South of England. Let's get out of Europe but stay with the UK the 5th biggest economy in the world.

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