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Blast From The Past!

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I was watching an episode of The Office last night and one of the old Windows screensavers they had in the background made me think "ooft, I'd have completely forgotten about that otherwise".

Post up your 'blast from the past'. General nostalgic things are fine, but things that you think others on here would have completely forgotten about otherwise are ideal. More obscure the better, particularly for things that prevent this from turning into a full blown 'school stories' thread.

The screensaver of note was the old Windows pipework one btw:

Harking back to the same time period, I also overheard a mention of Encarta the other week. Wikipedia fair wiped that from my memory right enough, even though everybody with a PC seemed to have it at the time.

Over to you...

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As a bairn, my dad would pour the can into a pint glass and i'd be allowed to have the froth off the top. All the time vowing to myself that I'd end up with a bird of no lesser standard than those on the back of the cans.

alcohol fuelled dreams that still delude me 40 years later...

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When Brechin was the centre of the known universe:

That looks absolutely brilliant to be fair.

I used to go to the Metro in Saltcoats although just a little bit later than it's peak in the 90s. It was an amazing night out at the time. This video gives a good example.

Winched many absolutely rotten women in the metro back in the day.


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