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17 minutes ago, johnmc80 said:

Hopefully be the ek humping oneemoji106.png

Given that it is a Cup tie I think it will be quite entertaining. The Shire will probably look on this as their best chance to win Silverware this season, so with that in mind I wouldn’t be surprised to see them win. I also wouldn’t be surprised if BSC changed their starting 11, to enable them to focus on the league.



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6 hours ago, johnmc80 said:

Hopefully be the ek humping oneemoji106.png

Nope. It wasn't.

It was a very entertaining game and a pretty even contest. Both sides created plenty on chances and Ryan Marshall pulled off 3 or 4 cracking saves. Jack Smith and Gary Redpath got the goals for BSC but all round a good team performance from BSC.

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1 hour ago, johnmc80 said:

I think its always best to keep a winning team playing together. Im old school that way. Not into all this squad rotation these days.

Must admit I'm the same John. Although we do have some talent waiting for their chance to get into the team. It must be tough for the manager trying to keep everyone happy.

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With us having no game today, I decided to venture along to Recreation Park and watch BSC Glasgow face Cumbernauld Colts, see how our old friends Martin Grehan, Ross McMillan & Jamie Mills were getting on.

It’s actually amazing how many players BSC had that I knew of, Ceiran Donnelly, Lloyd Kinnaird, Stevie Murray, Jack Smith and Ryan McStay, who have all enjoyed lower league success over the past 10 years, so I thought it was going to be a stroll in the park for them.....how wrong I was.

The first thing that struck me was how little fans both clubs had in attendance. A rough count before kick off had me at 32, but a couple more could of been hiding somewhere, unnoticed. It’s scary to think with BSC being top of the league that they could soon be replacing a club like Cowdenbeath, Elgin, Clyde or Berwick. Is this the dream that the SPFL board has when they introduced the Lowland League? I would doubt it.

Anyway, from today’s game (it finished 4-1 to Cumbernauld by the way) it is pretty clear that Ross McMillan still tries really hard but is a shadow of the player that we even had, never mind the player that everyone admired at Clyde & Stenhousemuir. Throughout the match, BSC were suspect at cross balls (sound familiar) and every cross seemed to cause panic in the box.

Martin Grehan still has that touch of class though and bossed the Cumbernauld back four for much of the game. I would say however that the top end of the Lowland League is now his level and I would doubt he’d have the same effect in League 2 these days. It was good seeing him pop up with a goal however and the small band of BSC fans who were there (10-12) seem to have taken to him.

Jamie Mills last and probably least. Did that lad really come through the Youth Ranks at Rangers? Was absolutely horrendous throughout the game and it was no surprise when the 1st and 2nd Cumbernauld goals came from his side, and him failing to pick up players. He looked a complete liability when we saw him at Forthbank last season and it looks like Dave Mackay hasn’t made a mistake on this one and called it completely right. Sure, he has pace to burn, but that’s it. Was never in positions to even get the ball into the box.

Cumbernauld impressed me, they have improved since we met them in the Scottish Cup over the last couple of years. They seem organised and you can see them improving further.

I was surprised at how poor BSC were, maybe this is just one season too far for their “big hitters”. The shape of Donnelly and Murray was a shock, although I was thinking at one point, just how far in the game would Murray have gone if he looked after himself, as he was a wonderful player at Dumbarton and Stenny, and even today showed flashes that he still has it.

Wish both teams well for the rest of the season, hopefully get back along to see either of them soon

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Cumbernauld got their tactics bang on today and exposed plenty weaknesses within the BSC ranks...be interesting to see how the game evolves when they play each other again next week at Broadwood.(back to back league games seems??..very strange!)..it does though add an extra edge to the game at Broadwood and pile the pressure onto BSC?!


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