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Rossvale Juniors future


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22 hours ago, jimmy mac said:

Bishopbriggs to pertershill is not a million miles away if anybody from the Briggs wanted to support the juniors its only a few stops on the bus nothing to do with being back in the Briggs imo they should have sorted all this before it even started if they r looking for extra money Rossvale should just stick a few ££ on every kid they charge per month and that will get what they need just my opinion

I am pretty sure the Juniors are a separate outfit and all funding is off their own back

Yes there will be a central fund that money will go into for the youth set up but I recall reading something on twitter or facebook from Rossvale the the juniors were not funded from the Academy as there was some parents who were spreading rumours that the young kids were paying the Juniors wages

The Academy is a fantastic set up and credit to Ian Grey and all the coaches and volunteers I dont think there is many set ups were there is a team for every age group  for boys and girls from age 5 upto 21s 

I dont know if rossvale are putting any money in to the developement so unless they had an agreement with the council regarding a Junior spec ground prior to  building then they dont have much clout in the matter  

Only thing they could do is threaten to not hire the facilities which I think would make a dent in the councils budget for pitch hire ect, until possibly another set up took over which I dont think there is about there

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How many Gartcairn players who are in their squad this season came through the Gartcairn system? And if the ground at Gartcairn is Junior Compliant then it shouldn't really be an issue to get a new build in Bishopbriggs up to scratch - who knows they may even put the toilets within half a mile of the ground

When Rossvale first came into the Juniors they were made up AFAIK from players from their various other teams, as you say it was the top of the tree but after a couple of years of not doing much they decided to get Lauchlan in and rip up the ethos of being the pinnacle. It would be interesting to see what % of Rossvale players in their first Junior season were signed from other Rossvale teams such as the AMs and U-21s and what the corresponding figure is now.

I know that at least 5 players have signed and are playing with the juniors 4 of whom played with them at u19 last season and 1 who's been there a couple of seasons and played u17 with Ross Vale the 19's last year had a good relationship with Lauchy and he was very receptive to the 19s training and playing with the juniors when he could the same with the 21s
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Bearing in mind the doc on the SJFA website is merely aspirational (to the best of my knowledge), this is all the SJFA handbook says about a ground:

..efficiently prevents the public having access thereto without payment and has dressing accommodation, including full toilet and washing facilities for the teams of each club within the ground.

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Concerns raised further up this thread remain - Huntershill is not (yet) up to SJFA-compliant level so Rossvale can't play competitive Junior fitba there yet. It seems that work is continuing, so hopefully they'll be allowed to use it sooner rather than later.

They were due to have three of their four Sectional games at home, with just one away

Rossvale's first home fixture on Wednesday 9th August v Cumbernauld United will now be at Ashfield. Glasgow Tigers Speedway are one of their sponsors, so that's an understandable back-up venue.

Their 2nd home fixture on Saturday the 12th v Kirkintilloch Rob Roy remains (for now) listed as at Huntershill. Presumably somewhere else will have to be found for that. I notice that the speedway have got a home meeting at Ashfield that evening which maybe rules out playing there in the afternoon, and that Cumbernaud United are home which rules out a switch to KRR's shared home Guy's Meadow.

Rossvale's 3rd home fixture on Wednesday the 16th v Kilsyth is switched to Duncansfield (Ashfield are home that night). That gives Kilsyth three of their group games at home and just 1 away.


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I went up to do my nosey the other week when they played Pollok under 21s in a friendly. First obvious flaw was that there were no dugouts, but I see on Twitter that they had them for the weekend. There is a clear path which can be cordoned off from the pitch to the pavilion so I don't think that's an issue as I've been to other places where the players got changed outwith the ground, including once at Forth where the teams got changed in the sports centre along the road.

Could any of the Rossvale guys tell us what the capacity is? Viewing is restricted to two pens on the far side of the pitch which are maybe 30 yards long, and can only be reached by walking right round the outside of the main fence. You can't transfer from one pen to the other unless you go the long way round. I would reckon that although each pen can possibly hold a couple of hundred, only those standing on the barrier will actually be able to see the game. That wont be an issue at most of their league matches, but if they draw a well supported team at home in a cup then it might be a problem

Playing surface is excellent, but as well as having markings for football also has rugby (in blue) and seven a side (in yellow) markings on it.

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2 hours ago, Burnie_man said:

What work still needs to be done? I raised the issue of changing facilities not being "within the ground" is that part of it?

That was never an issue with Ore Park where the changing rooms were across the other side of the street.

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Well someone at the club appears to be reading this,

ROSSVALE JUNIORS FC @rossvalejuniors 8m8 minutes ago

Improvements at Huntershill Dug outs ✔ Barrier at Dressing rooms ✔ Coming soon Screen behind goals ✔ Hospitality room ✔

All sjfa approved

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I'm sure the Junior history buffs will be along shortly to point out Rossvale ain't the first Junior team to have played in Auchinairn. In fact the last Junior ground was probably nearer today's pitch than the present day lavvies.


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"Bankies Alive" We played Gartcairn at their place on Friday and the dressing rooms are across the road in a school.

There are no toilets in the ground its basically just an astro pitch with a fence round it.



Gartcairn - Absolute embarrassment of a ground with regards to Junior football. Do they want to be Junior or Amateur?? Think it's about time they were told to make up their mind lol.




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