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Floodlit ADL Match


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It was a Junior Cup replay. From what I remember the game couldn't be played at the normal time due to a previous booking at Dam Park.

You are correct sir. I think there was an athletics meet on the same day and wasnt due to finish until around 2.30pm.

IIRC the game kicked of at 3.45pm.
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42 minutes ago, fan of the juniors said:

1 of the lads is at the game . Here is his text
1-0 Winton og, lights aren't strong enough

now the infrastructure is there in terms of cabling, switchgear etc. The lights can be upgraded by putting more fittings on the pylons

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The lights where not great tbh loads of fans moaning they couldn't see. Me personally I thought it was fine. We had our chances but hey ho that's football. Expected the Winton to be stronger if I'm being honest. Miller was your standout at the back. Number 3 looked good to. 9 a think Ryan caddis also decent

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