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The Exorcist


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I'm enjoying this (the actor playing the English priest is good). But I can't help but feel that 


Chris MacNeil as seen in the original would ever exploit Regan's exorcism for cash, no matter her desperation. I love that they've tied it in to the original story, but as a huge fan of the original novel and movie, Chris would never behave as this show claims she did. I also can't buy Sharon Gless in the old Ellen Burstyn role. I can see why they didn't try for Linda Blair - as that would have ruined the reveal of "Angela" being Regan - but they should have tried desperately to get Burstyn or Shirley MacLaine in as Chris.


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I'm really enjoying this.  Some unconvincing acting in the early episodes turned out to be spot on after the big reveal (should have seen it coming).  Ben Daniels is brilliant and it's pretty brutal in places but I have one MAJOR concern:


It's just not scary.  Not great for what's meant to be a direct sequel to the original.

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