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Rovers v Sons

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Just listened to Gary Locke's pre-game interview. Good news is Cuthbert is back, as is Chris Johnson which gives another option/competition for places in the wide area. Diabolical news is that J Thomson is missing the 'next couple of games' so ill likely be missing until Hibs at home. That is a really big blow. As mentioned above our record without him is atrocious. However, if we perform a bit better and cut out the cheap goals (please please have Cuthbert in the sticks) I am still confident we can win the game. 

Beers from 11 so will be good up until 3pm, hopefully the result makes the 5pm onwards beers sweet rather than bitter...

2-1 Crowd 1750

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No Thomson is an absolute disaster, especially if he's out any length of time. Suppose the options are Matthews at RB, or three at the back (Bene, M'Voto, Davidson). We don't even have anyone who could really fill a right wing back slot, a Grant Anderson type, so I imagine it'll the usual 4-4-2 but with Matthews struggling.

Matthews Bene M'Voto McHattie
Barr Thompson Callachan Coustrain

Would be my team. No chance of it as McManus will start (not necessarily wrongly, tbf, I just think we need a shake up top) and I have a feeling Davidson will too, either in the 4-5-1 / 4-3-3 we saw last week, or with Callachan moving wide in a 4-4-2.

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As it's a Friday and I've now left work I'm feeling completely positive about tomorrow.

On a scale of Hearts 2014-15 to Morton 2013-14 just how bad are you lot without Thomson?

Easily Hearts 2014-15 without him.

You may as well just not turn up and just forfeit the points. A 3-0 loss is far better than what we'd do to you. Please :(
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