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Dunfermline v Dundee United Sat 10th Sept.

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13 minutes ago, DAFC. said:

Today reminded me of a midweek game we played against Motherwell season 11-12. They went 2-0 up and got a man sent off and still comfortably got a victory. 

5 games gone, 4 defeats in a row, 1 goal from a striker. We are in for a relegation battle troops. 

I thought you were certs for the playoffs? Did you mean at the bottom?

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Just now, stumigoo said:

That was equal parts shite, bizarre, amazing and unbelievable.

We were absolutely brutal today.

A footballing miracle.

Worst team I've seen at eep for some time, including some part time sides.

How on earth did we get beat?

Two gifts from us. 5-1 would have been moreally realistic.

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4 minutes ago, JessieField said:

I thought you were certs for the playoffs? Did you mean at the bottom?

Personally I thought we'd finish 5th or 6th. I'd be over the moon with finishing 8th at this rate. 

Think it was mostly fans of opposition teams that thought we'd be top 4 material. Johnston did say, however, he was aiming for top 4. Think he needs a reality check. We are dire. If we still churn out performances like that against pish like Falkirk and Morton, we should be really concerned. 

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How did we win that game! 

Hopefully that's Dixon's last chance, no idea how he was picked over Robson based on the pish he produced last week.

Murray must be the only player to score and you still want him off immediately. 

We're not built for the championship at all.

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What were they giving for? wha gave them away

The Edge gave away the first for a push, then Van Struijk the other two.

In all honestly all three were not stonewallers but they are things you claim for every game. Beaton lost the plot a bit though.
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I assume that was a terrible dream all over a team with the worst defence I've seen in ages have three penalties saved and lose wow I think we need to find some scoring boots soon, good to see a big crowd at East end for the first time in a while but to be expected after we took 1300 midweek. I think the united team should all stop in newsagents and get a ticket for tonight's draw how Bell stayed on the park in the second half is incredible. Anyway three big games now for the pars we need to be getting points on the table.

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