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St Johnstone v The Green Half of the Establishment, Saturday 20 August 2016

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2 hours ago, RandomGuy. said:


The assumption was that Mannus, who was awful last season, would start behind Clark, who was far better and ended last season number one.

Nobody knows why Mannus suddenly got back into the team.


Yet another hyperbolic post from you. Disappointing. You're better than that.

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35 minutes ago, The Real Saints said:

You're better than that.

If you say so. His lack of communication played a part today, especially with the defence being together for the first time. They were struggling for a leader back there and thats when you need your keeper to dictate things, as he can see the whole picture, but he seems to just watch folk be dragged out of position and not bother communicating with them.

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14 minutes ago, akuram said:

Two weeks running that Craig Thomson bottled giving a second yellow card this time he let Leigh Griffiths away with taking the legs from I think it was Danny Swanson. 

He took the legs from him then kicked out when they were on the ground. It wasnt even subtle.

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Great first half, a meh second half.  Although I have to say, I'm glad the Saints were able to get themselves back into the game as it'll hopefully give us a boot up the arse for the game on Tuesday if we were thinking it's a foregone conclusion.

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