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Heads Gone (The 8MileBU Awards)

Mon Dieu

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14 minutes ago, Bairnardo said:

Further Sunday night fun on the same thread as @Dele has got some DAB on twitter trying to track down his real identity because of something he said on here. 

You love to see it.

If he plays his cards right this has fantastic potential. 

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1 minute ago, Dele said:

I'd be up for that tbh. 

Also @Dee Man, I don't wear glasses you cheeky swine. 

Hence the apology, but it was the closest likeness to Claire I could find and he just happened to be her feeder. 

What username did she sign up with so we can tag her? Fatdablass or something like that?

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3 hours ago, Stellaboz said:

I still maintain Lionel Blair is a nonce. 

  • Who will ever forget the show's, now famous, commonwealth tour, when Lionel Blair jumped up and displayed his Passage To India for the full two minutes!
  • No one who witnessed the event will ever forget the sparkle in Lionel Blair's eye as he received Free Willy from Michael Aspel for two minutes!
  • Who can ever forget opposing team captain Una Stubbs sitting open mouthed as he tried to pull off Twelve Angry Men in under two minutes!
  • Give Us A Clue was made all the better by it's resident expert Lionel Blair, who was particularly good at the films of Richard Gere. Who can forget the gleam of satisfaction in his eye when he was given Yanks by Michael Aspel for two minutes!
  • Who will ever forget the relish in Lionel Blair's eye as he got stuck into Howard's End for two minutes!
  • In the original, the ever energetic Lionel Blair would mime the titles of TV shows against a strict time limit, and who can fail to remember the occasion he scored double points by using both hands in different actions to finish off One Man & His Dog in under thirty seconds!
  • The undoubted master was Lionel Blair who used to work himself to a frazzle leaping up to be given his films titles on cards. Even when Lionel collapsed over the chairman's desk receiving The Dirty Dozen, he could still cope with The Sting afterwards...
  • The undisputed master of the game was Lionel Blair, whose TV career has sadly waned of late. He did, however, recently audition for I'm A Celebrity - Get Me Out Of Here!. Lionel's challenge was to sail a raft across a river with a small crew, but sadly the raft hit a rock and sank, and what a look of horror there was on Ant's face when Lionel went down with both hands on Dec...
  • His live performances were always loudly praised by his team mates. Una Stubbs recalls listening through the dressing room wall as Christopher Biggins and Melvyn Hayes were still gushing ten minutes after Lionel blew them away on tour...
  • Possibly the most versatile performer was Lionel Blair, and no one will ever forget the occasion he was given A Town Like Alice, when he chose to do a silent impression of the author. Such was the performance, Una Stubbs gasped in amazement when she saw Neville Shute in Lionel's face...
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