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The 'beast' chat


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1 hour ago, Dunning1874 said:

Is there a reason you insist on giving posters dreadful nicknames?


I don't really think shortening a name makes it a "dreadful" nickname.  

Although I do refer to him as "Kinc" and 8Magee as "shiteyhands" so maybe I'm not the best judge of what is good and what isn't.

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1 minute ago, Enigma said:

Emoji: emoji23.pngemoji8.pngemoji853.png

Emoticon: ;-) \(^.^)/


Really? So all the old apps/sites that converted emoticons into pictures automatically were using emoji?

Well, you live and learn.

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I love how someone's display picture disappears and immediately the ban klaxon sounds. Jimmy's reminded me of Life Of Brian the other day.

"We will carry it for you master! Master?"

"He's gone!"

"He's been taken up!"

"Oh no, look, he's over there"

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