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The 'beast' chat


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28 minutes ago, Dindeleux said:



Try not to get shite onto your phone/keyboard as you type shitey-hands.



Possibly the most childish put down I've ever resd on here, yet one of the funniest.

Proper lol'd (laughed out loud) there.

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1 hour ago, stonedsailor said:

That's the thing with language, it alters over time. Look at words like "gay" "h*n" and "teuchter" they have all gotten very different meanings now to when they were originally coined. 

Given the thread title you have subliminally hit on something.

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What a state to get yourself in.

"save you"

Absolute diddy!

One more emoticon in the hope it saves me!

It's you that's in a state with shitty fingertips.

Although it probably just seems normal to you given your ignorance of cleanliness.
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1 minute ago, Fudge said:

Say a poster had openly admitted having sexual intercourse with a child, would a ban follow if you were to call them a beast?

Only if you also accused him of downloading pictures of the child onto his hard drive.

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