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Apple iOS App v5.2.1 Released

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I'm happy to say our new App is now available to download/update from the Apple App Store.

This is a big upgrade, and it will solve a lot of the wee issues that people have had since we upgraded the forum itself.

It's completely free.

One main thing you will notice is the big image posters for each topic. If you don't like them you can click the little three line menu in the top right of the new app, go into Settings, go to Discussion Card and switch off Image Previews.

You can also customise other bits and pieces in there such as font size, number of posts per page etc....

Works great on iPhone and iPad.

Android users had their App updated earlier in the week, it is available on Google Play.

Kindle - we are still working on.

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Is it just me, or can you not quote a full post if someone has multi-quoted?

I tried to quote a poster who'd quoted two posts in his reply, but the text box only showed the second 'part' of his post, and not the reply to the first quote.

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Not sure if it's deliberate or of its some sort of fault, but when I'm using the app it doesn't show what teams users support or their location. Not exactly a massive issue but it's sometimes handy to know.

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1) Can't see whatever preview images you're talking about despite toggling the settings you refer to.
2) Clicking on threads are taking me to the last post or some random one despite my setting being 'first unread'.

Help please.

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I'm unable to edit posts if I have quoted somebody else in it.

This one was fine, although it does have

around the quote with no explanation which seems a little user unfriendly.

If I quote someone else, I just get a pile of gibberish.

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