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      Pie and Bovril Nostalgia Mobile Phone Cases!   12/09/18

      We are delighted to have partnered up with Nostalgia Cases to offer a huge range of fantastic Scottish Football phone cases to our visitors. These high quality cases are available in a range of retro and up to date designs and there variations available for all Premiership, Championship and League 1 clubs as well as four of the League 2 teams. Within each club there are a range of choices. You'll find it difficult to choose! This is an Edinburgh based start-up, and they also provide a custom design service so if there is a kit you don't see that you'd love for your phone you can get in touch with them and they'll add it to their range. Naturally there is a HUGE support for all the major phone manufacturers and models and what's more delivery in the UK is completely FREE. What's even better is that Pie and Bovril users can get 10% off their order using the coupon code PIEANDBOV Take a look and browse the full range for your favourite club by clicking through to the website below. https://bit.ly/2M5laZs
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#brexit campaign posters

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'No silly', you're still annoyed that you got so angry about the little Star Trek joke aren't you. Return of the Woosh.


The European Parliament elections are always in June.


A polling clerk should know that.


Whooooosh!  :lol:

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I can't multi quote but Strichener I said you were either thick or didn't read the posters.

As for the June elections 😄 doh. In my defence my first time was the Indyref so I've not done a Euros yet. General elections tend to be the first Thursday in May IIRC 😚

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