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22 minutes ago, LIVIFOREVER said:

Ticks all the boxes, you'd be forgiven for thinking it must be a fake account, but sadly it wont be, that's actually how those c***s think.

Not sure if it’s fake or not just saw it posted on twitter and it gave me a good laugh.

I hope it’s real tbh and he eventually discovers that Astons Villas current top which Gerrard was holding aloft today actually has Bobby Sands name on the label 😉

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2 hours ago, Meldrew said:

i season in 30+, that's worse than winning 1 cup out of 9

Yip, I always thought that the Birmingham clubs were pretty poorly supported given the population of the city.

Pretty sure that most seasons Villa average around 35000 and Birmingham City around 20000 or less. 

Not well supported clubs by any account.

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They'll be glad they've pushed such an expensive manager out after those accounts. New guy will probably have to make do n mend for now to see how precarious form and auto champs League cash is for the future of the new club and it's dodgy creditors.

Funny his statement after Beaton helped him get a draw against AFC** at Ibrox. He looked embarrassed. He knew the ref dug him out and had never been involved in anything so tin pot and amateur in his whole career. Even MLS is beyond getting fan boy refs in.

He knew even if he could achieve more at the pretendy rangers 2012 he wouldn't gain any respect or kudos when the competitions rigged in two clubs favour to appease the vocal bigoted majority. 

Aston Villa are at least above that nonsense and have a history of dignity and being European champions and competing in a competitive league system and not the dog n duck equivalent. He's went up in the world and jumped at first opportunity after the joke accounts came out.

New rangers 2012 used Gerrard's name to get ahead on the respectability charts he deserved a big move to a big club in return. Especially after dealing with the pondlife that supports the blue cheek.

Had his pants round his ankles begging for the Newcastle "toon"  to take him on when his name got mentioned. Must have hurt being at a hamstrung club surviving just on handouts and directors loans just to get accounts signed off annually.

Maybe the face painters should start asking for cash up front....





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Well, the first 2 hours of work have been non productive.  Off to listen to Superscoreboard, 

I love Scottish Fitba....

"Do I look happy? Do I look settled?"


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