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Interview with Bennett on finances and comms, holds hands up and says they are need to improve both.

Already the pram-chuckers are labelling it a horrific car crash.


"I learned long ago not to judge a new Rangers player within weeks. I go way back over my supporting life as a Rangers supporter, I've seen more players take time to settle than those who hit the ground running.

"I can talk about individuals if you want but I certainly looked at Tom Lawrence and thought 'there's a player who's hit the ground running' and then events, things happen, injury. He's hit the ground running, others haven't for various reasons. So, I would say this to you - we're six or so weeks into the season, I won't judge a football player who comes to Rangers within that period of time, I've learned to wait a bit longer.

"We haven't seen enough of them, we haven't seen them enough. We will see them. If you take another young player we have signed - (Ridvan) Yilmaz - yes, we spent significant money on that transfer but we signed him for five years, not five weeks, not five months.

"I won't wait five years to judge him but nor will I do it after five weeks. I would say if we need a very recent reminder of why we shouldn't judge players early in their career - I suggest Calvin Bassey, I give you Rangers vs St Mirren in the cup and I do remember a noise - maybe not a clamour - but I do remember a noise around young Calvin, negative noise and questioning him.
"Look at him now. When it comes to young Calvin, a finer young gentleman you're unlikely to meet. He represented this club on the pitch and off the pitch, impeccably. 

Could do with that being printed somewhere big and easily legible.

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The usual injury problems. 



John Souttar and Filip Helander will both remain out of action until at least when the Premiership restarts following the World Cup at the end of the year.

The defensive duo are among a list of long term injuries for Rangers with Ianis Hagi also expected to be out until 2028.


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11 hours ago, Grangemouth Bairn said:

Is that Lawrence, Souttar, Hagi, Helander, Roofe and Ofoborh all out long term ? 

We will no doubt add Jack to that list at some point. He is due his next injury soon surely 🤣

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3 hours ago, Raidernation said:

Particularly bad when you operate on a shoestring budget with a tiny squad 🙄

the Record would describe this as down to "bare-bones" ie when any of the Old Grim lose 4 or 5 of their 38 first team squad. 

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