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I'm sorry. But this is just pish.

I have no doubt that there were more than eight instances of "cunty behaviour" tonight. I also think it is 100% certain that there were nowhere near enough examples of "cunty behaviour" that would lead me to write off half a city.
My general take on this is that there definitely is a number of people who attach themselves to Rangers and use the events surrounding that for unacceptable behaviour. I have no idea how large that number is (and I've no idea how anyone could even measure such a thing), but the idea that it's a "majority" or a "decent chunk", as has been claimed by different posters in the last few pages, is clearly wrong. At least, by my definition of those words. My immediate suspicion of those people is that they're only really interested in point scoring.
Here's the thing though, there isn't really anything that you, me or Rangers can do about folk like that. Most of these people are a product of their environment. It's not a Rangers problem - it's a Glasgow problem. In particular, three main contributory factors that I would pinpoint are i) the levels of poverty in some parts of the city, ii) the extremely poor levels of education in those parts of the city, and iii) the culture among a (decreasing) number of young people in Glasgow that makes them think that they need to give folk from a different scheme a smack.
The reason for that line of thinking is that anyone who's been to other non-football events in Glasgow that attracts a similar profile of people - TRNSMT is the obvious example - will know that you see similar behaviour there.
There are loads of normal people who one minute will (correctly) identify that Glasgow has a decades-long poverty issue in the city that must be rectified, and then in the next minute howl in anguish or laughter at the scenes developing in front of them, considering them to be an inexplicable phenomenon that only occurs because the Rangers support is full of the dregs of society. Well, no. What you're actually seeing is the product of that decades-long poverty problem manifesting itself, you just haven't stopped to think about it.
What really pisses me off about it is when I see loads of middle-class gentrifiers laughing or tagging in their local MSPs about it demanding that the cops wade in. You people literally do not understand the city you live in and it's history. You also do not understand that the only way of stopping this is lifting these people out of poverty. You're tagging in your MSP asking him why he hasn't personally picked up a baton to smack these people around instead, because that makes you feel better about yourself. Well done. It reminds me of the same kind of folk who used to get a kick from watching The Scheme.
tl;dr this element does exist, it's nowhere near as big as some people make it out to be, the only people who can really sort it are too busy telling the police to wade in, this is my last post concerning this subject because my rewatch of the game today has just reached the point of Defoe's goal, and I've already spent way too long talking about a subject that most folk aren't really interested in.
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12 minutes ago, TonyFerrino said:

Boys will be boys, letting off steam, Covid etc.  Was G51 not counting the incidents posted as if they were some sort of freak occurrence and not representative of the situation as a whole? As if P & B is a definitive source - Twitter is awash with these bams going fucking Tonto all over the gaff, often on each other as well.  Wild.  


Our fans acted like arseholes at Parkhead after the Ross County game and rightly got roasted for it, it was unnecessary and out of order. 

This is on another level though and a time when they are supposed to be happy? f**k me what would have happened if they had a season like ours? 

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Odd how Montrose, Edinburgh, Arbroath, Dunfermline, Dundee, Brechin, Greenock, Livingston, Cove, Peterhead, Hamilton, Coatbridge, Methil, Forfar, Stenhousemuir, Cumbernauld, Stirling, Ayr, Alloa, Kirkcaldy, Paisley and Dingwall don't have poor areas, given that it's only fans from poor areas who riot when their team has won a title or promotion whilst Sevco have been in existence.

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1 minute ago, Jinky67 said:

Our fans acted like arseholes at Parkhead after the Ross County game and rightly got roasted for it, it was unnecessary and out of order. 

This is on another level though and a time when they are supposed to be happy? f**k me what would have happened if they had a season like ours? 

I get the exuberance, on the pitch at Hampden and what not, but battering each other with fucking bottles?  Fucking loonies. 

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I defer to no one in my hatred of both halfs of the vile Old Firm but it is simple fact that Celtic fans, as annoyingly a bunch of deluded arseholes as they are undoubtedly are, do not and would not behave like Rangers fans have tonight.  Tonight I must revise my theory of equilibrium...the two clubs are equally vile pieces of vermin..the two  sets of fans are not. 



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2 hours ago, Baptiste Bourgeois said:

How can it be a Glasgow thing, when we've just seen 9 years of unprecedented dominance from Celtic and nothing like the destruction and behaviour on display from Rangers fans on two separate occasions this year. 

And funnily enough I've never seen a group of riot police deployed at TRNSMT getting pelted with flairs and barriers either. 

The problem is Rangers fans and their fan culture encouraging and fostering absolutely appalling behaviour. 

Completely agree.

Have to be honest and say IF 😬😬 IF , Hibs  were to win the Cup im sure we will see plenty folk out and about but the idea of battering f**k out of your fellow fans and smashing your own city just seems abhorrent to anyone with functioning brains.

This is generational cuntery at its worst. Simultaneously loving English culture but hating their own .

Those Neanderthals we witnessed  today saw and heard all the stories about  their scummy Uncles and ' Da's ' destroying  Manchester.

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6 hours ago, Munoz said:

Got to be some comeback over this.

What just like there was when the deid club fans rioted in Manchester and various other places down the years.

They fight among themselves putting their own supporters lives at risk. Wtf is that all about?

WATP? We are total p***ks. Utter dregs of society. 

They couldn’t even fight to save their old club. Hopefully this new incarnation goes the same way.





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