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Double Winning St Johnstone FC Thread

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1 hour ago, perthsaint1977 said:

It's not Shaughnessy I've heard about. Further position up the park ( actually doubting if he started a game with us when he was on our books ).  

John Robertson? Based on absolutely nothing other than he seems to have found his feet with a regular run of games and developed a fair bit in the last year. I’m sure his stats show how much he has kicked on? 

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6 minutes ago, John Bonham said:

John Robertson? Based on absolutely nothing other than he seems to have found his feet with a regular run of games and developed a fair bit in the last year. I’m sure his stats show how much he has kicked on? 

If we're looking at Paton we're almost definitely also looking at him, so thats a great shout.

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This has been a very strange season with the number of late goals or in-game swings, both ways. It can't allow me to move away from the belief we are treading a very fine line though.

I've said before that maybe it's the spectre of last season a bit as well but I think it's the reason folk are still a bit wary of lavishing the manager with praise, rather than any sort of stubbornness because of the stance towards him a few months ago.

Nobody wants Callum Davidson to fail but that was the same last season also. Folk didn't come to the position of wanting a double-winning manager out easily, it was a tough thing to have to call for. So it was arrived at in good faith and with sound reasoning.

I don't think the ground is yet sound enough to make any long-term judgements on this squad and this manager.

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The idea that it was irrational or unfair to call for Davidson's head is a nonsense really. Bear in mind the situation we had got in to by, say, the end of July or even the end of August this year. By that point we had:

- Been knocked out of the Scottish Cup - as holders - by a fairly poor League Two side.

- Finished 11th in the league after a season in which we averaged just over half a goal a game.

- Avoided relegation via the playoffs - comfortably in the end but having chucked a two goal advantage in the first leg.

- Been knocked out of the League Cup having failed to progress from a really, really mediocre group (Annan, Elgin, QOTS and Ayr).

- Taken only three points from our first five games - those coming with a 94th minute winner in a game where we looked to have thrown away the points in injury time. In the two games we'd played at home we managed just two shots on target across 180 minutes and lost both.

- We had lost what you would easily consider our best players - Clark, Rooney, Hendry, McCart - and replaced them with guys who all had question marks over their abilities/age/suitability when they came in.

Now from that point onwards there has obviously been a turnaround. We've only lost three times since then - all narrowly, one involving a really unfortunate injury time winner for Celtic - though the other two (Killie and Livi away) were absolutely criminal performances. There is evidently a bit more about the team this season and some of the players who have come in have been a level or two above what was expected. You're even starting to get a tune now out of guys like Dan Phillips who looked like it wasn't going to work for him at the start of this term. Bair is another one who doesn't necessarily look like he's cut out for this level but has started to contribute to at least some degree off the bench.

The question is whether the current run is this team's actual level or are we just running hot at the moment in the same way that we ran very, very cold for a long stretch last year. Time will tell. Points on the board at this stage is massive and it's great that we have that because it could still, easily, go the other way.

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Worth adding about the League Cup group that they clocked off at 4-0 up against Elgin then when one goal would have sent us through, just played out time at home to Ayr, with the manager seemingly oblivious to the situation.

Also worth noting that the whole recruitment strategy over the summer was clearly geared to playing 5-2-3 again but at least he now seems to have finally ditched that as the go-to Plan A. But it wasn't even two months ago we lined up that way at Easter Road with a front three of Wright, May and McLennan...

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3 minutes ago, PauloPerth said:

I agree about Hallberg. Good technically but often there’s an element of the Gary McDonald about him. 

Max must feel a bit hard done by, did well in his limited showings and today would have been the ideal chance to give him 25 minutes or so.

Yes, agree about Max. Not even on the bench today.

Phillips could be something or nothing, but to me, either his creative passing needs to improve or he needs to look for the easy ball more often if he's not going to / asked not to drive out himself.

I'd have him or McGowan as defensive mid ahead of Melker just now.

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