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Double Winning St Johnstone FC Thread

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Wright may not have posted many goals/assists during his previous stint - but I always felt he was pretty well involved in getting us into good forward areas and putting opposition defences under pressure that led to chances/goals. We are desperately slow and ponderous and I think the one thing he would guarantee is a bit of drive going forward from that RWB position. We aren’t asking him to get us into a European place here - we’re asking him to give us a bit more pace and attacking threat to get us out of bottom spot. We could definitely do far, far worse.

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15 minutes ago, TractorBoy said:


Wright/MOH/Brown...I know who I'd pick.


Bring him home

Is that the only 3 players on the planet we can pick from like?

The clubs had entire month to resolve this issue and on the final day have reverted back to an ex-player they'd already rejected.

Great stuff.

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31 minutes ago, PauloPerth said:

Exactly.  Not even a discussion to be had there. 

‘contributed f**k all’ in the same way Danny Mcnamara contributed f**k all?


Drey Wright has 2 goals in 67 appearances in this division.

The Hendry goal v Livingston in his final appearance, in 2020, is the only goal or assist he's been involved in as a RWB in his 5 seasons in this country.

Danny McNamara managed a goal and 2 assists from RWB in his 5 months with us.

I can see why, if they're now completely desperate and licking the bottom of the bin for a RWB, Wright would be the "best" option, but let's not pretend he's going to actually contribute to any goals in the next 5 months. 

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It's not a January transfer window if we don't sign an ex player who'll be rubbish the second time around. 

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From what I've read about him in the last ten minutes or so, he seems to be quite well-regarded. Only just broke into the Cardiff team at the start of this season and then got injured in September. He returned to full fitness a few weeks ago. He has only played consistently in League Two at this point, so the jury is still out, but I guess it's promising that he's seen a bit of Championship action in recent months (and looked good according to some of their supporters on Twitter).

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6"2 and played for Cardiff 3 weeks ago.

f**k it, why not. Whoever plays wing back will be shafted by the system anyway so lets just have a big c**t running into folk until Rooney returns to do the same.

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