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Double Winning St Johnstone FC Thread

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22 minutes ago, THE FAT MAN said:

how does a couple of pints indicate a extension for a player?

Rooney's general answer to celebrating stuff is to get on the pints, plus I really didn't think reopening the pub at the ground was worthy of a "pre-announcement" to try and generate some added social media engagement but there we go

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1 hour ago, RandomGuy. said:

Obviously don't know for sure, but the whole Hendry situation has smelled for a while like everyone has agreed for a while he'll be moving on this Summer and that's best for everyone.

Thought the same

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1 hour ago, Sh*teAndMuck said:

If guys like Crawford are going to fit in to our team we need to change our style to allow them freedom to play without needing to rely on them to get stuck in when off the ball. 

Personally I don’t think Crawford is good enough to warrant a big change in style though. 

Maybe the manager signed players in the hope they could make a change of style more possible? 

Our midfield/attack is hardly filled will ball playing playmakers just now.

Maybe he hoped to have Wotherspoon, Crawford, Middleton and Vertainen all on the park at the same time?

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I’m not as down on Crawford as others. He shouldn’t play as part of a 2 in midfield or against the old firm as he just isn’t suited to that - he can’t really press, time a tackle or do any of that stuff. But our squad is full of pressing goal virgins. Crawford isn’t amazing but he has some ability in front of goal and I think is pretty good on the ball, can pick a key pass etc. He’s a good option for the 3rd midfielder or 3rd forward in our formations in certain games, and I wouldn’t swap him for another Cammy McPherson or Chris Kane. I think when fans call him an empty shirt or whatever it seems like they’re taken in by the Davidson Ball mentality that a player should be judged by their ability to press. He’s nothing like the wage merchants Gary McDonald or Sean Goss who genuinely did nothing in games while playing in a more pivotal part of the midfield.

Genuinely think he might end up being our top scorer with about six goals too.

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