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Double Winning St Johnstone FC Thread

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A couple more Hendry goals before the "why did we let him go" posts start.
It's a much better loan for him than Aberdeen. Needed to drop down a level and start scoring. If he found some form and confidence I still wouldn't be against him playing for Saints again. I'll probably be a little disappointed when the inevitable happens and he stays at Killie on a permanent deal.
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Get over it, even when Chris Kane was REALLY bad he could score for fun in the championship. Am I f**k waiting half a decade again, with a misfiring Hendry, for him to come good.
Yeah, just can't shake the feeling there's still a player there that hasn't quite woken up.

Anyway, I think he'll need to leave Saints and move on for it to have any chance of happening, and it's probably best for both parties.
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A Turkish acquaintance of mine sent me the Turkish highlights of the Galatasaray game at Mcdiarmid ages ago, as part of his banter, the c**t that he is. Anyway, what stands out is how bad Jason Kerr was. For all Galatasarays good movement,  he was at fault for 2 of their goals imo. I think we'll be a better team without him this season. 

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Ali Crawford: Callum Davidson reveals St Johnstone midfielder could be back in two to three weeks

5bb2deb321546d71f94e477c7e9c3376?s=64&d= By Eric Nicolson
October 11 2021, 10.27pm

midfielder Ali Crawford could be back playing before the end of the month, manager Callum Davidson has revealed.

The on-loan playmaker tore a groin muscle in Saints’ last match against Dundee but the prognosis is as good as he and Davidson could have realistically expected.

“We sent him for a scan and the injury has settled down well,” the Perth boss reported.

“He’ll probably be out for two or three weeks from now.

“The international break came at a good time in terms of the number of games he’ll miss.

“This is at the lower end of the scale for a groin tear.

It’s obviously disappointing that he’s picked up the injury because he was coming on to a really good game and we’ve been seeing glimpses of the quality he’s got.

“But the good news is that it’s not going to be too long – and we should have Craig Bryson, Cammy MacPherson and Murray Davidson all available for Saturday.”

Liam Gordon running pretty hard

And Liam Gordon, who last week signed a new three-year contract, could soon be joining them.

Liam is back running pretty hard,” said Davidson.

“We’ll keep progressing him.

“Hopefully he won’t be too far away either.

“James Brown didn’t play for Malta obviously. He went over there and got everything sorted that he needed.

“He’ll be fully fit for Saturday.

“Michael (O’Halloran) and Callum (Booth) have got niggles but hopefully they’ll be OK.”

“In some ways we didn’t want this break because we were in good form.

“It didn’t feel as if we needed it this time – certainly compared to the previous one which came after all our European games. But the flip-side is getting players back.”

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53 minutes ago, THE FAT MAN said:

A whit?Please explain a bit more 

If you're on your mobile, then instead of clicking the link hold your finger on it for a couple of seconds, and this should pop up...


... and you open in an Incognito tab. Let's you see as many Courier articles without paying as you like.

If you're on a laptop/PC then right clicking on the link will do the same.

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