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Double Winning St Johnstone FC Thread

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I wonder from that Davidson quote RG posted if Callum’s thinking of Rooney at RCB being given licence to drive forward as we saw Kerr do last season.

Brown at rwb but more defensive, tucking in to cover Rooney’s forays.

Agree about Rooney being better in his natural position, but I think the risk of two relatively inexperienced players in a back 3 for a match against a strong opponent might be what sways Callum.

He might also consider bringing Booth into lcb and having McCart as the organiser centrally.

In truth, hard to know what he will decide, no easy and obvious decision to make, interested to see what the team ends up as…

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Mueller is quality, and Dendoncker would have to be absolutely honking to be worse than Rooney CB  / Brown RB. 

If it was anyone other than Rangers then picking that pairing would be unacceptable in the circumstances. 

It's only acceptable for the Rangers game if the intention is that Rooney (and Mccart) take and deal with the flak if the defence is a shambles, rather than risking putting it on Dendoncker 

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He’s a loveable rogue. I’d take him. Seems to have been fairly solid and reliable at Hibs and Livingston. Can play on the right of a back three and poses a threat at set pieces. Wouldn’t be overly excited about it though. I’d prefer us to focus our attentions on a quality striker rather than spunking our cash on free agent defenders or midfielders.

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I associate the bombscare moments with his time at Celtic more than anything else. It kind of makes sense, I think. He has also played as a DM in the past so will be able to provide back-up for emergency situations… like tomorrow, for example. It’s somewhat comforting to have a more experienced head in our backline as well.

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