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Double Winning St Johnstone FC Thread

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41 minutes ago, RandomGuy. said:

Need to start planning for it now, really. Good keepers vanish quick.

It'll be interesting what they do with Clark, and a lot might depend on how he starts this season.

It felt like his last 1/3 of the season was a lot better than the first 2/3? I don't think that was down to the system either, as the defence seemed sound throughout.

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Started trying to profile keepers btw.


Clark v the other keepers in the league last season. Small size of database makes things look worse than they are due to outliers etc., but still...
Doesn't include assists.
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Was never a big fan of Zander tbh but he did improve a lot in the last third of the season.Just hope he continues that and keeps improving on the poorer aspects of his game. He'll always be a legend after that Rangers cup game though!



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In the second half of the season we basically just stopped allowing opposition teams to have any touches in our box. Earlier on in the season that's what we were trying to do but a lot of the goals we conceded came from a failure to pick up second balls/initial blocks being allowed to fall to strikers unopposed and as a result giving away an awful lot of high value chances that were duly converted.

If Clark could produce his form from the cups for a full season - and I think its fair to say his contribution across both competitions was just about as critical as anybody else's - then I doubt we'd find much better without having to spend a fair whack. If he goes back to his early season form then we've got an issue.

You can see the value a good keeper brings when you look at Siegrist at United last season - without him I have no doubt they'd have been scrambling to avoid the playoffs.

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I don’t think it helped that Clark was earning a lot of plaudits when he first stepped into the first team. Any decline in performance would be more noticeable.

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I could be Miles of track here but I don't think Saints will be developing  the likes of Sinclair and Wills and I'm sure there is another one who's name escapes me

one of those will take over in goal with perhaps and old jobber  to cover 

otherwise what's the point in developing players especially when keeper development seems to be strong 

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I can confirm that today I, jamamafegan, have finally purchased the clubs shirt. After years of moaning and complaining about shite shirts every season, restricted to buying retro kits instead, the wait is over. Here's the one I went for:


Jokes, obviously....that one was for you Tam. No, I just had a wee look on the Saints online shop and noticed that there were still Scottish Cup final shirts available in my size. Previously I had decided to give them a miss, mainly because the clubs badge is not embroidered on - which is a major bug bear of mine. After watching our cup final victories numerous times I started to realise that this shirt is now iconic - it's the doubles shirt - and I started to get a bit disappointed for missing out. So there we go, cup final shirt in the post.

And just as I type this, I see the away has been unveiled. Could this be an unprecedented shirt double for Jamamafegan? Stay tuned.


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2 minutes ago, mizfit said:

I like it, it’s different away.

Teal and Magenta 3rd kit now please.

Just think of the number they’d sell. Gold mine. 

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