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Double Winning St Johnstone FC Thread

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Decent stuff, Preston couldn't live with us whenever we pressed them and McCann had what looked a fairly simple chance saved.
Can't think of a single Preston chance until they plopped one in from 25 yards or something. Looked saveable from my seat but perspective is all weird, be interesting to see it back from a better angle. 
Forgot how much Gordon organises the entire team.
Sat right behind it, unsavable. Some bend and dip on it
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1 minute ago, Widge said:

I’m sitting right in line with the post it went in off and I’d say the guy couldn’t of put it any more perfectly if he’d tried. It dipped at the last minute to take it away from Clark. So no blame on him at all, someone behind me clearly rattled him though and I’ve got no idea why. 😂

I'm away high up at the opposite end and just seen it slowly loop really weird and Clark looked fairly close to it. Purely my perspective making it look saveable then 😂

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MOH showing his worth there, some boi.

Sprints full pelt about 30 yards to close down the keeper, blocks it, falls to Wotherspoon who beats a man and plops it in the corner.

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Chuffed with that. 

Didn't look bothered at all by any Preston attack, while we created the best chances by a fair distance. MoH vital to the goal and penalty, shame Wotherspoon couldn't score from the spot.

Loved the subs too. Devine and Muller look promising, quick, strong, and both comfortable on the ball/not afraid to take it. Ballantyne and Northcott both brave and good on the ball too, didn't see much of Max but him playing right wing probably confirms he's not a centre half, so that off his list of potential positions. 

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For a friendly that was pretty decent. Lots of positives. Players all look in good shape. Looked hungry and some of the pressing without the ball was tremendous.
Thought MOH was excellent. As previously mentioned new loan signing looked solid, comfortable and slotted into their positions fine.

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1 hour ago, RandomGuy. said:

Hendry lucky this a friendly or he'd be off.

You wonder if he'll ever learn.

Silly laddie needs to learn to calm down when things aren’t going his way, you could see him getting angrier and angrier 

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Can only echo what others have said, thought O’Halloran, May and Wotherspoon all looked good across the front line. 

Hendry being a fucking idiot as per. I even said at halftime, I reckoned it was a game he’d manage to get sent off in and low and behold he probably should have. I think we should be cutting out losses to be honest, he’s clearly never going to learn. 

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No issues at all getting in, there was no id asked for or check if you'd arrived at correct time slot, quick scan and straight in. Wouldn't recommend row B for a decent view mind you!

Thought we played with a real swagger at times with final ball lacking a bit. Great goal from Preston but all they really did attacking wise, we were comfortable. Subs disrupted it as ever in a friendly but Devine looked very promising when he came on.

All in all a very pleasant evening. Something wonderfully reassuring seeing Murray Davidson hurling himself into challenges in the flesh again. And the ref was shite so that was nice.

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Hendry cut a frustrated figure but I thought he was quite bright at times tonight. Still not sure he’s fully bought into the system and he really needs to stop with the ridiculous challenges. I wouldn’t want to see us giving up on him quite yet but he definitely needs to show more when he gets his chance. 

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Started with the 5-2-3/3-4-3 and I don’t think we really shifted from that with changes of personnel  


Kerr Gordon McCart

Rooney McCann Davidson Booth

MOH May Wotherspoon 

raft of subs throughout but the shape didn’t change to my eyes 

Rooney off for Brown

McCart off for Muller 

Booth off for Devine

McCann and Davidson off for Ballantyne and Craig 

Wotherspoon off for Northcott 

May off for Hendry

MOH off for Kucheriavyi

Devine and Muller both looked good - Devine had a couple of positive moments in attack and had a goal saving block out of no where not long after coming on. Muller looks very decent on the ball, similar style of centre back as McCart but he does look like he could be bullied. Looked small for a centre back.

Ballantyne looked capable of contributing too on the evidence of tonight. Very composed on the ball and covered well defensively a couple of times too.

It’s only one appearance obviously but plenty to be positive about on the basis of tonight. The players were much sharper than I expected them to be at this stage of pre-season and they look so well organised out of possession. 

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