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Double Winning St Johnstone FC Thread

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With today’s news hopefully Saints will be applying for 4K going forward to avoid all this drama again. Hopefully the club will announce so 🤞

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44 minutes ago, perthsaint1977 said:

I didn't get mines last night. Saw social media on what to do this morning, emailed them as per guidance and tickets received within the hour.

I know someone else in the same boat, they emailed before office hours this morning and they finally got their ticket after 4pm.

Alls well that ends well but I think they'll need to have a look at the process before Fleetwood and definitely before the first competitive game which I am sure they will.

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Folks, we are working on the e-ticketing issues. Thank you for your continued patience. #SJFC

From the SLO. Teething problems can and will happen. If only Saints would employ RandomGuy to run everything so these issues never arose.

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6 minutes ago, The Marly said:

Teething problems can and will happen. 

.e-tickets have been in use by Saints for at least 2 seasons, and they've had a full 18 months of no fans to improve how they work it. Games were planned on being cashless last season weren't they?

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4 minutes ago, Fife Saint said:

Never thought I'd be jealous of punters at a pre season vs Preston.

Don't want to rub it in or that, but genuine goosebumps at the first round of applause. 

Folk who's first game back is a European game with hopefully 5k fans are going to breakdown the at the noise when the teams come out  IMO.

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