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Double Winning St Johnstone FC Thread

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14 minutes ago, The Marly said:
15 minutes ago, Dubford don said:
Hopefully he grabs this unlikely opportunity with both hands,let's face it Perth to pittodrie is a massive upgrade for the lad

It's not 1983 mate

So what,you must admit a fringe player moving between the 2 clubs would normally be going the other way

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Sounds like McInnes really wanted Hendry. He's put their home grown striker Anderson, who is a similar age, out on loan to make space for their newcomers.  Quite surprising when you think that all he's really done against them is get sent off twice for rash lunges.

He did well for us last season finishing crosses, so with Kennedy and Hayes out wide it could work.

I like him, hopefully he comes back to us with his confidence up.

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5 minutes ago, The Real Saints said:


Some interesting quotes here.


Maybe being cynical, and its maybe just "new club chat", but the fact he wanted to join Aberdeen on loan, despite admitting his game time there will be limited, because theyre a "big club", and not because he wants to get much needed game time and improve, is probably a nice insight into why hes not getting better and has ended up 4th choice with us.

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2 minutes ago, Mr Positive, sometimes. said:

Don't you mean you were triggered by @The Marly?

Not at all. Just pointing out he is denying St Johnstone to Aberdeen is a step up on the basis of some mythical "you all think its 1983" basis.

He obviously is triggered by Aberdeen. Straight forward 😄

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