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Meth Damon

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Rocked AJ.... Ffs is that all it takes? He caught him with a half decent shot from which AJ (with his chin hardly being renowned as granite) recovered from rapidly, and continued to take Whytes lunch money.

I can see why the first fight was made, but as far as I am concerned Dillian Whyte will be up there among the worst contenders for a world heavyweight title of all time. He is a sloppy, amateurish mess and he can f**k off.

And you know what? Having said all that I'd fancy him to upset Wilder.
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We all know Wilder is also wild, sloppy and amateurish, but to give him his due, he has beaten far better than the slug Whyte. Dillians skinny wee legs would be stiffer than the North wind first time Wilder landed.


Not a Whyte fan then?
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8 minutes ago, Bairnardo said:


Are you honestly saying you think Whyte is better than Stiverne? Becuaee I dont think its close. Whyte is GARBAGE


He clearly is. Stiverne is a complete bum. Did Whyte pump your missus?

Edited by Fraser Fyvie
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Whyte can be entertaining to watch at least when he gets in a scrap. Honestly a lot worst opponents for Joshua out there. We'll probably see worse in the next 12 months. 

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That was 3 and a half years ago though, Burns is worse now than he was then. I would back Taylor to stop him, i don't think the fight happens though.

Burns, unfortunately, has been on the slide since 2013. He is a shadow of the boxer that he was a few years ago. His performance against Crolla was his best for a while but still came up short.

There's no real evidence to suggest anyone is capable of stopping Ricky but he'd certainly struggle to keep pace with Taylor's speed and combinations. Unless Burns could turn the clock back 4 or 5 years I wouldn't give him much of a chance.

Taylor has a real chance to be very, very good.
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People on this thread thinking Whyte deserves a title shot :lol:

The man who went life and death with and arguably lost to a shot Chisora, and could barely stop a 85 stone Ian Lewison :lol:

In other words he’s won every fight since AJ.

Amazing that nobody can mention any better names that aren’t either injured or juiced up.
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1 hour ago, Tarmo Kink said:

Obviously a 2 week notice replacement isn't always going to be deserving, so I couldn't complain too much if it was Whyte, but there are several more deserving fighters, even if the Heavyweight division is pretty thin.

By the time Joshua and Wilder have their next fights, these fighters will deserve their shot more than Whyte:

Kownacki - stopped Szpilka (better than any Whyte win)
Miller - stopped Kassi (who was robbed vs Breazeale) and Washington, and should beat Wach (not superb but still better than any Whyte win)
Breazeale-Molina winner
Pulev (when fit again)
Parker unification

I'd rather Joshua-Wilder happened though.

Do you really think labouring to wins over a Croatian cruiserweight journeyman, area level Allen and Lewison, going life and death with a shot Chisora, and stopping a near 40 year old gatekeeper deserves a shot more than these guys?

Just because he's British, is with Hearn and Sky, and talks all the time, doesn't mean he deserves one.



So Kassi (who was getting played with by Hughie Fury) and Washington, are now better wins than Chisora? My word.

Breazeale-Molina winner? Aye, we're all gagging to see those rematches. Image result for hmfckickback

Szpilka managed to get stopped by Bryant Jennings and fought Kownacki after an 18-month layoff, so another swing and a miss there I'd say.

Just because he's British, is with Hearn and Sky, and talks all the time, doesn't mean he doesn't deserve one.

Edited by Fraser Fyvie
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