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Meth Damon

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Thought Campbell did really well second half of the fight. Wasn't scoring it rbr but he definitely won a few in a row. Thought he could have nicked it but Linares came back stronger in the last 2 rounds. Campbell way up in my estimation, hopefully he comes back even better for the loss.

Loughlin's score card was a disgrace though

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I'm normally the first to slag British judges for dodgy decisions and am a big fan of Linares but there was nothing disgraceful about Loughlin's card. 

Thought lots of the rounds were tight and Campbell controlled 5 through 10 with rounds like 1 very close that could go either way. I had Linares by 1 but could make an argument for Campbell nicking it.

Fury-Parker was honking, thought Fury nicked it, Parker was utterly honking.

As for Ward retiring, absolutely gutted. He said he wanted to fight over here before he retired and would have loved that. Been P4P number 1 for years in my eyes and an amazing ambassador for the sport. Been levels above anyone he stepped in with and a top notch guy - his speech about people talking before the second fight with Kovalev is fantastic and the antithesis of all the bellends like Bellew, Haye and White.

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Didn’t see the Fury fight, and going by what I’ve read on here and Twitter i’m Delighted I never bothered.

Watched Linares-Campbell yesterday morning. I had Linares up by a few. Incredible bravery from Luke considering his fathers passing.

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