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the official "Congratulations Celtic" thread.

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This is the official thread for the members of P&B to congratulate Celtic on an impressive 5 in a row.


What was your favourite Celtic moment of the year?


How in awe of Celtic are you?


Will it be 6 in a row?



  :thumsup2 21a9yeg.png:thumsup2


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Impressive 5 in a row  :lol:

The O.P is clearly taking the piss but the sad thing is there's some thick c***s out there who genuinely believe it's some kind of achievement 


When we were celebrating our second goal the other night there was one of the dancing about in the front of the stand screaming "ten in a row" and holding up ten fingers, as if they've already won it, and as if its somehow meant to bother us.

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