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Motherwell FC - A Thread For All Seasons

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Of those who are out on loan Johnston's probably the only one who'd be in line for a recall I'd have thought. Especially since the media team have been doing a couple of bits of #content around him.

Here's who's out on loan and the level they've been playing at:

  • Fox - already had his loan cancelled
  • Johnston - 9 league appearances (Championship), 1 Challenge Cup
  • Devine - 6 league appearances (League 1), 1 Challenge Cup
  • Wilson - 7 league appearances (League 2), 1 Challenge Cup
  • Dunachie - 7 league appearances (Lowland League), 2 Scottish Cup, 1 Challenge Cup
  • Hunter - 4 league appearances (Lowland League), 1 Challenge Cup
  • Mahon - 4 league appearances (League 1), 1 Challenge Cup
  • O'Donnell - 1 league appearance (League 2)
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59 minutes ago, YassinMoutaouakil said:

Hamburg wasn't it? Tbf they did actually sign David Bates so who knows.

For the Bundesliga II, and then emptied him, tbf.

Definitely prefer our other Hamburg connection in Penney and me tonight.

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50 minutes ago, capt_oats said:

Ha! The video has Samaire Armstrong in it.


It's content like this that makes this thread unrivalled lads.

Was there a rivalry with One Tree Hill fans or did everyone co-exist in harmony? 

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I take it this was in the bounce game we were playing against St Johnstone yesterday?

He's not listed on the Development Team page on the official but having done a quick Google search it seems he's been playing full back with the u18s.



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16 minutes ago, capt_oats said:

New third kit.

As well as being a very decent effort, the club again at the forefront of the mental health message at what can be the most difficult time of year for some, with signposting for help on the top itself and all profits being shared between 4 mental health charities.  Outstanding community interaction and care yet again. 👌👏

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