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Motherwell FC - A Thread For All Seasons

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40 minutes ago, eliphas said:

How does goals saved work? On target shots not saved?

Not a good look it has to be said but cut stats another way and it looks a bit better 


So essentially, it's using xG from a goalkeeping side, I think, so goals with a low xG that they've conceded, or, in essence: goals they should be saving.

It isn't perfect, but that United's keepers come out very very badly in it suggests that there's probably at least a kernel of truth.

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8 hours ago, KirkySuperSub said:

I've no idea what any of that means?! 🤷‍♂️

It simply means that Blaney, a rumoured signing target, and our Head of Performance Analysis have started following each other fairly recently on the popular social media platform Instagram.

Whether that actually means anything? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

The photo is Kristen Bell as the sassy teenage private detective Veronica Mars in the beloved 00s TV series of the same name.

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1 hour ago, Busta Nut said:

Even as what could be described as a Kelly "hater" I find those first set of stats dubious.

Aye. I did a bit of digging after I posted in the thread last night and found a couple of stats blogs with lots of numbers and graphs that basically said that it's pretty much a trash stat that tells you f**k all about goalkeepers.


"This month, we’re going to take a look at the stats Goals Against Average and Save Percentage to find out which one is worse. Or perhaps which stat is better, if you’re more optimistically inclined. It’s no secret that both stats are rather useless when gauging goalkeepers. There’s a reason why no one is bragging about being in the top ten GAA: it’s not that stellar of a group to be in."


Fwiw: the original article the numbers were posted from is in The Herald but the screenshot was incomplete.

11-14 are below.


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11 minutes ago, YassinMoutaouakil said:

:lol: what the f**k is in that for Anderlecht, like?

They are also having freindlies/training I'm Greece. Basically the teams that are going over there are arranging friendlies to help keep fitness up/practise.


No doubt they will be behind closed doors though so I would not suggest going for that reason alone.

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1 hour ago, YassinMoutaouakil said:

:lol: what the f**k is in that for Anderlecht, like?

I'm sure Diawara is on record saying he's always wanted to pit his wits in a midfield battle against Josh Morris and Blair Spittal.

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55 minutes ago, sergie's no1 fan said:

Is there such a thing as a Kelly hater in the Motherwell support?

The c'nt turns into superman every time we play against the Well. 

See my other posts about him.

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Bit of a sidenote, but I'm catching up on threads and see mention you've signed Blaney.

Be interesting to see how he gets on as figures look impressive, but theres the caveat hes playing in a team that encourages CBs to play the ball and defend 1v1


From the little I've seen of him he can be easily beaten by agile forwards as he ends up square to them, so a quick jink and you're past him. Hes not hugely quick either (quicker than your Scandi lads I think, but probably slower than Lamie), Sligo seemed to sit fairly deep so he got away with it. Good at pinging long diagonals etc. though.

Definitely has potential but think you'd need to accept some early struggles before you see it.

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