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Motherwell FC - A Thread For All Seasons

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9 minutes ago, par-adise said:

What should we be expecting with Robbie Mahon?

Just posted in your thread. He played the full 90 of the Reserves game against Queens Park that McPake was at.

Scored one, set up another and generally had a really good game. As @Busta Nut says we've not seen that much of him, he signed outside the window last season and it was never really clear where he fitted in an Alexander murderball team but based on that Reserves game I saw he got a bit of joy playing as a #10.

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With Mahon out on loan this is probably as lean a First Team squad as we've had in years in terms of numbers.

I mean, Hammell's being true to his word in that he's cleared the decks to allow a pathway for Academy players but it's quite a culture shock from having yer Petravicius, Newell, Ilic, Manzinga and Amaluzor types cutting about.

The squad as it stands:

GK: Kelly, Oxborough, Connelly
DF: O'Donnell, Lamie, Mugabi, Johansen, McGinn, Penney
MF: Maguire, Spittal, Slattery, Cornelius, Tierney, Goss
FW: Van Veen, Efford, McKinstry, Aarons, Moult, Morris, Shields

Total available = 22

Debuts from Academy players: Spiers (31/07 vs St Mirren), Miller (31/08 vs ICT)
Academy players in matchday squads: Ferrie, Wilson, Johnston, Ross

Injured: Carroll (season), McGinley ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
Loaned out: Fox, Johnston, Devine, Wilson, Dunachie, Mahon, C.O'Donnell

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County game is massive really. A win I think would reassure me that Hammell has enough about him to keep us away from any serious bother, and put us 8 ahead of RC. A loss would put an end to the honeymoon period and suggest we're likely to be one of the 4 strugglers. A draw wouldn't really change anything. 

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2 hours ago, Lex said:

13 losses in a row to Celtic?
Remarkable really.

Delighted that Robinson is doing so well. A lot of respect left for him at Fir Park. 

Also pleased for St Mirren. The thought of finishing above Motherwell is like a cup win. Happens as often so well done little guys 👏👏

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So we now move on to Ross County away. 

I think I read they have only scored 4 goals in 8 games. What could possibly go wrong 🤨.  I am sure Killie were even worse than that when they managed to score 2 against us. 

Next 2 games are vital in terms of momentum. I would happily take 3 or 4 points but anything less and the league season starts to look less than rosy. 

I am in the camp that Hammell avoids relegation this season and has a season under his belt and a couple more windows. Would take that. But based on performances (not results) I still feel we could have a decent season. 

What is true is that a win puts us on 13 points. And the bottom 3 (inc County) start to look a little more isolated. 

Hopefully Slattery is back in the line up 🤞

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