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Motherwell FC - A Thread For All Seasons

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It took me till the 80th minute at Parkhead to be convinced we’re actually aiming for 5th and an extra ECL round and £350k.

Didn’t expect them to alert the authorities we’d thrown it. 2-0 would have done the job.

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So...... here's the current Europa conference league round 2 potential oppoments


Som easier teams as we will be seeded. Ideally a team like the Wales or RoI teams. If we can build up some momentum then maybe  just maybe, we can make it to the play off round.

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A bit creepy from the social media team but ok...
Lamie going for blue steel, he knows what he's doing, that's prob why he modelled the strips.
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As ever, we would need a couple of good draws to stand a chance. You never know.

But it's worth remembering the 'seeding' can be rather farcical. Our coefficient comes almost entirely from the performance of the Old Firm, two teams who are maybe in our league but are on essentially on another planet. Yes, we could get a real diddy - who knowing us we'd still struggle against! - but the notion we're favourites as 'seeds' to beat the third side from Sweden, second from Slovenia etc, because we have the OF in our league and they don't is obviously absurd.

However, being in Q2 at all gives a much better chance of a 'run' as it will be very, very close for being seeded in Q3. Based on last year's numbers United would be one of the top non-seeds and with the wrong draw you're very much one and done.



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Posted (edited)

Following on from the earlier post:


Budgeted for £1.25m, off the record expected £1.56m, actually got £1.68m.

£430k up

Budgeted for 3x OF at FP, got 4.

£150k up

Good chance of 2x ECL at least

£800k up

Saved wages from players OOC.

£400k approx.

UEFA Solidarity Payments.

£250k rising to £350k if they win.

So on paper £2m to play with, in reality I think the club expected a higher finish than 10th and we did open the wallet last summer so I reckon we have £1m to go raiding with. Certainly think we’ll need it.

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We will learn our fate on the 15th June (a month from tomorrow).

Speaking of the preseason, I wonder if the club will have friendlies again? As in ones with fans. We used to go to Northern Ireland as well as Dalrington as part of the pre season and now we don't have the League cup as our warm up for the league.


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