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Motherwell FC - A Thread For All Seasons

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14 hours ago, Allroy for Prez said:

Is that the “9 in a row spoiling Owen Coyle” all white one?

I’ve got that one.

Nah, my post probably wasn't that well worded.

It's the Hummel away I don't have, although I have the home top.

The one you're talking about was made by Pony. The home version that season was the erm.. much beloved 'Jester' shirt (which I also have).

11 hours ago, thisGRAEME said:

hahaha f**k mind Danny Johnson!

Coincidentally he's now playing alongside Jamie Murphy at Mansfield.

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32 minutes ago, crazylegsjoe_mfc said:

Retrofcshirts on instagram are taking pre-orders for a remake of this. With any remake, I would always wait until I see the product rather than pre-ordering right enough.

The site is here: https://retrofcshirts.bigcartel.com/product/motherwell-1996-98-home-pre-order

I've got the original but because teenage me wanted a 'loose fit' it's an XL and is like a tent on me now (as it was at the time). The silhouette doesn't really do anything for anyone. It's a really "boxy" fit compared with the shirts you get these days.

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1 hour ago, eliphas said:

Is big KVV defintley suspended for the Dundee U game? I was under the impression, as most are I think, that it's 2 games out after 12 cards but I can't seem to see his name mentioned on the SPFL disciplinary lists at all. 

Aye, 2 games.  The SFA list was last published for 7th April. You would hope they keep the clubs better informed of current suspensions.

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18 hours ago, YassinMoutaouakil said:

The football top market just baffles me these days. I'm probably not the target demographic really, I'll buy a Motherwell top every season or two to get something new for Fives and to chuck the club a few bob, but it's wild to me that there's a third party market for Motherwell tops approaching £100.

I mean, it's eBay but....oooooft!


That £199 away shirt is listed on Depop as well...


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20 hours ago, capt_oats said:

Ha! I went to their pop up in town last month but they had nothing of interest.

They're absolutely at it with their pricing though.


Got this exact top in a charity shop for a tenner, along with the half and half top, also a tenner.

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I've never been the biggest fan of claret away tops for some reason and for me, that one is up there with the worst of them.

The jester strip is up there with the worst Motherwell home tops design wise, but it holds a certain nostalgia for me, as it was the strip we wore when I first started going to games.

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The jester top was absolutely fine, and I loved it when I was a kid.  It was the shorts that made the whole thing look stupid. 

All in for the luminous away kit from 97/98 though.  Get it done 'Flow.

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I find the jester strip a weird one, like @crazylegsjoe_mfc it definitely has a nostalgia value. It was at the era before 'modern fitba' and you actually had a strip for more than one season.

The other thing is that I think it's actually fine as a standalone top, maybe not a Motherwell strip, but as a jersey it's alright. For me it's really only when you pair it with the shorts for that harlequin effect that it looks a bit daft.

Edit: Swear down I hadn't seen @Desp's post when I wrote that :lol:

Also...Tommy Coyne (m'lord).

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1 hour ago, Busta Nut said:

I love the Jester top.

I hate all the haters hate it.

I remember poor Jamie Dolan being sent out at Half time to model it in front of the East Stand in a midweek game - he looked fucking mortified :)

Also quite like it for nostalgia reasons - not so much at the time.

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The jester home and luminous away kit will always have a special place in my nostalgia filled head as it was those were the kits we were wearing when I started going to games.


I'll never forget seeing it in person at my first game I went to in April 97 when we beat Raith Rovers 5-0 and the legendary Tommy Coyne got a double.

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