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Motherwell FC - A Thread For All Seasons

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20 hours ago, RandomGuy. said:

Taps the "adjust for possession" board.

Odoffin still comes out high, but be wary of thinking someone is a good ball winner based on total numbers, especially when they're in a really weak side. Less possession your team has, more opportunities to win the ball back.

That'll put Real Madrid aff then.

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Watching the last 20 mins of Celtic ..... Ranging we're not playing them until mid October. Bigger Danish tragedy than Hamlet.

Stephen Robinson would take one look at that Celtic defence and decide to sit off them and put them under absolutely no pressure for 90 minutes.

Alexander’s free flowing attacking football would bring home the 3pts.
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1 hour ago, ZX1886 said:

Alexander’s free flowing attacking football

First time I've seen it called that, even if it is sarcastic.

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"Not one player Celtic brought in last year strengthened the team"


James McFadden

Former Scotland forward on Sportsound

David Turnbull, Faddy?

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Just got my ticket for the Hibs game. It seems that the Season tickets card won't work until the seating arrangements return to normal. expect to be printing off the tickets for the foreseeable future.

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