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Motherwell FC - A Thread For All Seasons

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Line up today

Kelly, S O'Donnell, O'Connor, Lamie, McGinley, Carroll, Donnelly, Maguire, Amaluzor, Woolery, Van Veen.

Subs: Fox, Johnston, Parker, Crawford, C O'Donnell, Slattery, McLeod, Lawless, Watt.

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Pretty pedestrian first half. A lot of passing along the back. 

Half hearted tackles galore as well. 

Good effort from Woolery for the goal. I wasn't confident that the simple tap in was actually going to beat the goalie from Amaluzors run towards the ball.


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6 minutes ago, Archie McSquackle said:

At least we're winning and Airdrie are losing but doesn't sound great from the radio.

Actually we're playing 'alright'.  'Doing enough'.   That sort of thing.
KVV needs either to smash one in, or just get a bit more luck but at the moment he's wasting some of our chances.  So it could be a bit more comfortable if he was on better form.
Amaluzor took his goal well, with the sort of more confident shot and with better luck that KVV needs. 

But with Airdrie losing, maybe we should just accept getting past this stage  will do, so our new signings can come in and maybe things will improve.  Then we can forget some of these uninspiring performances.

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Genuinely feel like if Maguire was an English kid signed from Northampton he’d have been punted by now. Totally understand it’s very early season but feel like he’s so below what we need. Even Donnelly with taped knees and zero fitness has played much better so far. 

Also agree with the shouts on Dear Toby. Both games he’s played he’s looked incredibly off it whereas last season when he played he seemed largely *ok*

Definitely hoping for 2 centre backs, 2 centre mids and someone to help take some of the pressure of Van Veen, feel like we’re v over reliant on him “making things happen” for us

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13 minutes ago, YassinMoutaouakil said:

I've just about stopped laughing at Van Veen leathering the ball into the POD for no reason.

I wasn't pining for football but I am very sad I missed this.

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I’m sad to say it but if things don’t change I might not be renewing my subscription to the Toby fan club. Absolutely honking the last 2 games.

Today was fine and nothing more. Thought Woollery and O’Connor did pretty well. Amaluzor took his goal well but didn’t do much else, and the penalty save from Kelly was excellent.

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