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Partick Thistle 2022/23 thread

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On another note, I thought Gordon did quite well at right back today. Admittedly, he wasn't tested at all defensively, but he got up and down the park fairly well and seemed to be able to get a bit more involved in the game than he usually does. 

Wouldn't fancy having him there under normal circumstances, but it's good to know that he can fill in reasonably enough in an emergency. 

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We really need to sort our ticketing system. My season ticket has not scanned for the last two games. The steward today sent me from the John Lambie stand to the ticket office behind the Jackie Husband to "fix my ticket". Ticket office was an absolute shambles, just told me to go back round to the JLS. By this point there was around 30 more people with the same issue.

Had to wait until we we individually verified by phone via the steward, pretty sure there will have been people outside who missed the first goal.

How to take very simple thing and turn it into a fucking shambles. Oh hi Thistle!


Apart from that, today was the best game in years.

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23 minutes ago, The Firhill Frozen Pie said:

Not sure what JHS stand he was in but i had no issues at all today. 

North End of JHS. No biggie just a bit against the board mantra of a cashless society.


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On 27/08/2021 at 19:36, Highlandmagyar Tier 3 said:

You are the one who is a McCall fanboy who sees no wrong in him. Now, that is sad.

I’m not actually, I criticised him on many occasions last season as did a lot of us (and rightly so at times). You just have some sort of hatred of McCall that supersedes any positivity about the club. 

I want Thistle to win as many games as possible anyway, but it makes it even better that every good thing the manager & the team does, absolutely rattles you and squashes your shitty negative attitude. 

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Really well controlled performance against Morton, who I’ve got to say were even worse than I expected them to be. Rudden’s goal could be massive for his confidence again, and hopefully he kicks on and scores some more. Defence was solid, although will no doubt be tested more against some of the other sides, even Foster looked pretty good for the first time this season. I’d have taken 3 wins from 4 prior to the start of the season, and it sets up a very intriguing (although tricky) top of the table tie up in Inverness. Terrific atmosphere at Firhill as well today.

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2 hours ago, Pie Of The Month said:

Nobody really cares what you say tbh. You seem the type to boo players taking the knee.

Just been pointed out to me you had edited your post, bit of a racist are you? Certainly not covering yourself in glory this evening that is for sure!

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