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Stirling Albion Thread

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24 minutes ago, headthebaw said:

Fantastic news. Exactly what we need pace and width. 

Welcome back Dylan  to Forthbank. Lets hope international clearance goes smoothly and he is cleared to play on Saturday for us at Coatbridge. 😁

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Delighted Bikey is back. I had little glimpses of him in 2 training sessions and dare I say this, but I got really excited about him coming back and have had my fingers crossed for the past 2 weeks.

It’s a game changing signing for us. Do I think 1 man will take us from the bottom of the table to the top and keep us there? No I don’t, however does 1 man have the ability to start over turning some of the 1 goal deficits we have already seen this season, then yes he can.

During his time at the club, Dave Mackay described him as a rough diamond, however a couple of years later, maybe some of the rough edges have been smoothed over. However, the rough diamond we seen in his first spell at the club will do.

I do believe that our strongest 11 is a good team, a team that should now be pushing for the Play Offs. When the season kicked off, I predicted a 6th place finish, with the recent signings of Bikey & Duffy then we should now be looking to break into that top 4.

Yip, we need to get points on the board first and get off the foot of the table, that’s priority number 1 but I do believe the likes of Blair Currie, Ross McGeachie, Jordon McGregor, Kevin Nicoll, Danny Jardine, David Wilson along with the 2 mentioned, are a strong core squad. Pepper in players like Cammy Thomson, Dom Docherty and Dylan Mackin, who have already proved to be good enough on their day then things aren’t as gloomy as they were a couple of weeks ago.

A lot of fans questioned where the goals and the width was coming from, Bikey brings both those things, Duffy brings one of those things, the squad ticks a lot of boxes, it’s now up to KR to get the squad playing together and picking up points. When the squad is injury free, there are no excuses now.

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Has there ever been a worse club supremo than the phoenix? 


It depends on how you judge people, but in a football league set up that has been littered with many a case of football mis-management then of course there has.


How are you judging The Phoenix? For me, the role of a Chairman at a football club is to ensure the smooth running of a club financially, at the same time providing the manager with enough financial resources to achieve the aim set by the board. By all accounts, that has happened, the club is debt free and doing well enough financially. I’m sure we could do better off the park but The Phoenix has played a big part in putting us on a sound footing. He will probably admit himself that he had made mistakes (why not ask him directly?) and there have obviously been battles in the background with people who have their own, different, agendas and these battles have impacted on the way he has wanted to do things. Why does nobody mention ‘The Associates’ when they are being critical of The Phoenix? And where are these people now?


I’ve heard it been said by more than one person that he was not on the selection committee for KR, and I believe that. However, even if he was, I can see why KR would have been appointed. I have no idea who the other candidates were but having interviewed myself, and having seen KR talk publicly, I can see why he could get people to buy into what he was saying. Until recently, I bought into KR myself, he’s very good at saying the right things and he is a very likeable guy. Previous managerial appointments.......well, were these the people The Phoenix actually wanted appointed? If managerial recruitment is a stick that he is to be beaten with, then it’s a question that needs asked.


I’ll not sit and say that The Phoenix is wonderful and the best thing since sliced bread, but there has obviously been more to his reign than the average supporter will ever know and there have also been continual attempts to smear his name for someone else’s personal gain, that’s wrong. Questions always seem to be asked of him when a manager under performs, I think people should be venting their frustrations at KR & Martin Hardie, not The Phoenix and the rest of the Stirling Albion Directors.


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13 hours ago, JMDP said:

Has there ever been a worse club supremo than the phoenix?  From the embarrassing sop to Charles green to appointing several awful mangers in a row.

We are done, no wonder no one goes to see us anymore.

Well if your so concerned at the way the Club is run, I would assume you will be at Meet the Manager and the Board meeting at Forthbank on the 11th September. You can put your thoughts to the man himself on the night. 

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