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Raith Rovers v Hibernian Hibernian v Raith Rovers

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Hibs were v good to start. But we shat it. One team is showing signs of pressure and it ain't Hibs.

It's settled a bit now. But the damage has probably been done.

Set up the same as Wed. Just not got lucky.

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Well this is a nice wee surprise to wake up to. The headache I could've done without.


Just hope we don't shit the bed... or Hibs it in the second half. The diamond is actually working?

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First goal was a total fluke. Shot from the edge of the box blocked as soon as he hit it, but it looped away and dropped into the net off the bar. Could've ended up anywhere.

Second one all stemmed from a massive error from Craigen. All the time in the world to put the ball out for a throw in but he hesitated and ended up running out for a corner. Should defend it better, but it's so preventable.

Hibs are massively dominating midfield, but they haven't actually created much beyond the goals. Forced a few more corners, but I don't think Cuthbert has had to do anything other than collect a long range effort that was straight at him.

We haven't learned any lessons from Wednesday's first half though. Hardie barely involved.

If we can get through the next 20 minutes without conceding then we'll have chances to snatch it, but if Hibs keep breaking like they have been then they'll score again sooner or later.

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Really just a carbon copy of the first leg except Hibs have managed to get the ball in the goal twice this time. First goal is an enormous deflection which could've gone anywhere, f**k knows what Craigen is doing at the second. Dribbled it perfectly out of play to give the corner from which they scored. One goal in it, shooting towards our own fans, anything could happen.

On the balance of the two legs so far, this is about right. We're still in the game going into the last 1/4 which is what everyone wanted. I'd have Craigen off pretty soon, touched the ball about 8 times and 2 of those was gifting Hibs a corner from which they scored.

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Get Cummings off. The lad has been utterly crap.


Oh Cummings won't be coming off till say *checks drawn on watch* 88th minute? When Raith have probably equalised and we're crying out for Keatings or Dagnall

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