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Brechin City Season 2016 / 2017

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Under the stand it's a wee place but the club wud welcome ur custom. No draught tho. Or sky yet

It won't be a free entry pay bar on Saturday though? Would need to pay to pay £8 on top of admission fee.
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Not as far as I am aware - the 1983 lounge has been free entry with a pay bar for the friendlies and cup games so far because hospitality wasn't organised for them. For league games you need to pay extra on top of your admission to gain access to the lounge. Unless someone can correct me? I've read on the preview that admission to the lounge is £7 extra for the game tomorrow.

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What a lot of absolute pish I'm reading. McCormack (rightly) not happy about being on the bench, for me that's a good thing. You want guys that aren't content with sitting on the bench picking up a wage every week. With the amount of goals Rodger is costing I'd imagine he'll be back in the starting 11 next week.

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Your mafia guff is wearing thin bud.


There was good and bad today, keeping possession seemed difficult with the midfield, but the competition is a league above (literally!) wasn't impressed with Dougie Hill in the first half, seemed static and disinterested, Elliot was impressive after he came on. Impressed by Love, he really seems to bust a gut.


Is Jacko injured? Felt like we missed him today. 

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On 8/25/2016 at 16:03, hedgeman83 said:

I see Isaac Layne has gone on loan to Stirling really could have done with a player like him back at the Glebe

He might have been a good addition yesterday but sadly it was never going to happen. It was a good chance for the fringe players to step up to the mark yesterday but they struggled to get going against a very good Dunfermline side. 

Just have to see if we can get back on the rails next week against a team of equal ability. 

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10 hours ago, citydiehard said:

Seriously though I've also heard about this and also seen it on twitter.Not good if true and I wonder if the mafia will call for Dodds head like they did with Weir.

The only one calling for anyone's head seems to be you. 

You are the only one continually criticising .  The only one going looking for problems . The only one not happy with our current league form and position. 

If you are so unhappy and genuinely concerned at the way the club is being run there are official procedures in place for you to take things further.


Mind you , If you rely on trolling social media for excuses to have a go then I don't give your chances much hope . 


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