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Games off today

fan of the juniors

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Unsurprisingly a thread on Here about one topic starts to go into the usual anti Pollok / Pollok conspiracy way. Some people seem only happy when posting about Pollok on here.

And while on the subject, spare a thought for our Beith fan who will miss seeing his idols from Glasgow in the flesh today. Kenny we are all thinking about you at this difficult time.

It's all about kenny, I, m feeling much loved.

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sometimes enough 2 get a game on

Not today...and every other game was called off way before then.

It's a bit of a treck from Kilsyth and not fair to fans who maybe would have wanted to make alternative plans.

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Think its the weather

And not annbank fault

Few other games off ..

All clubs without full time groundsmen

Wasnt so long ago that we all had to visit that dump of a dogtrack ....

Which then had cause to make you homeless...


Have to confess when I first began reading your post I thought by the structure of the first four lines you were writing a poem.

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29 games due to be played yesterday, 18 postponed, for the end of March beginning of April that is absolutely shocking.

Just came through the wettest winter for a long time. We've had crazy amounts of rain on and off since October that has seen even the best of the surfaces suffer. Far too much water for most to cope with. That's just how it is here in Scotland.
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