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Dundee Utd v Dundee

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Easier said than done, Andy. This is Dundee were talking aboot.

Fwiw, eh dinna think this Derby is as big as what the media are making it out to be. It's still a Derby though and there's no better feeling than getting it right up those Dayglo fannies.

Mon the Dee.

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If we are up for it and are fired up then we will win, better players and fancy Hemmings to get a goal, Stewart usually scores against them too, big worry is tho will we be up for it, much bigger game for them that us with them rock bottom, hopefully we keep them there well adrift!

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They are obviously shitting themselves, could this be the first time we win there in years??? Shitting it big time, got a few dab pals, they have stopped going to games because they are shit but going to this one, strange bunch, strange fans, have their flares at the ready

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