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Albion Rovers v Brechin City

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I d expect a managerial vacancy in Scottish football tomorrow morn !! Slag me all ya want ha ha

as much as I hate to admit it I have to agree with you he needs to go if things stay the same that's us 4 points adrift time to bring in some one else before we slip further behind and have no chance at all
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I've said all along he was the wrong man for the job

You may well have but I certainly always gave him the benefit of the doubt. I know we harp on about his difficult start and now it has come home to roost.

I am only going to go to home games for he rest of the season and prob not even the last game at Forfar - I could not stand it!

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A good nights work, game was over by half time.

Good to see Barrowman getting back among the goals and our top scorers Ally Love and Scott McBride adding to their totals.

Only downside was a lack of creativity in the second half and Gary Fisher talking himself into a booking, but only minor things to moan about.

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The sad thing about tonight's game was that the players all gave 100% effort but many of them are just not good enough. The first 2 goals we lost were an absolute joke from our defence. We huffed and puffed during the second half and had loads of possession in the Rovers half without ever looking dangerous.

Peterhead had someone at the game tonight - he'll be going home feeling very confident about Saturday.

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If you go back to the start of the season and question why the committee did not have a plan in place when our last manager left.

The only players that were available for Darren Dodds to sign were the ones that no other manager wanted,

Normally the planning for the next season is done during April and May, we were caught napping again..

Darren Dodds had no track record in management and to throw him straight into to managing a League One team with very few signed players would have been a challenge to someone with a proven record.

During October the Club say that it's time to start again and rebuild the team, well for a manager with no experience that's some task to be handed for his first job!

This is not Darren Dodds fault we are in this position, this is the committees fault for not acting faster after they knew our last manager was going.

We are now destined for the 2nd division.

We are a club that's going backwards quickly and its time

for dramatic change.


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Yes, Brechin made that easy for the Rovers- their first half performance was as bad as I've seen at Cliftonhill for a while. Love could easily have scored a first half hat trick, Barrowman had the ball in the net twice - the first a dubious offside decision. McBride's header was a lovely goal, though - Alan Reid sent in a Champions' League quality cross from deep, and McBride rose high to flick it into the corner of the net.

It was over at half time and although Brechin improved slightly and won a penalty, it was never in doubt and it never felt like the Rovers had to grind out the result. Two of our three booked players must watch their discipline as suspensions loom. With 5 games to play in the next 18 days it's not a bad time to have a player miss a game - they'll need their rest anyway. The next three weeks will reveal whether or not this team has what it takes to go all the way.

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