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Possible 3G Pellet Danger

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I don't know if this has been raised elsewhere on this site but a report in at least one of today's papers suggests that the rubber pellets used on some artificial surfaces could pose a threat of cancer to players. In some cases the pellets are made from shredded tyres and may contain harmful toxins.

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I've once took 1G in a pellet form. It was fucking excellent.

Hiya Renton, hiya pal!

Aye, this has been mentioned elsewhere. We've all resigned ourselves to cancer at the Recs; it's probably better than the first half of this season anyway.

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I'll come back to you on this. I just have to roll a fag and think about it.

Darling, please; there are ladies present.

Edit: Here's the thread that FTB's looking for. I think I may have brought it up (again) on the main Alloa thread too, 'cause I'm just a wee yappy dug that refuses to STFU.

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Good thinking from the club to reduce the pitch dimensions and associated Big C risk.

To think of the stick we've taken from that, when the club was only trying to minimise the risk for spectators. For shame.

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So basically we shouldn't eat the rubber pellets?

I think it's more about breathing in tiny particles from them, which is why 'keepers seem to be the primary 'beneficiaries'. They're always lounging around on the floor.

Although, aye, you should probably stop with the rubber pieces, at least until more research has taken place.

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