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16th Jan - GAMES OFF


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I'd be surprised but delighted if Winton Park is playable. -3 according to the phone but crucially it's not sunny here. If the sun was out it could thaw the pitch but the bottom goal often struggles as shadow of the old shed well covers this esp in Dec and Jan...think the boy who checks it works shifts but we should know very soon

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The covers a waste of money?

The use of covers over a pitch was originally to protect them from snowfall rather than hard frost.

Ironically a decent covering of snow will protect the pitch from frost, its just the labour involved in removing the snow before a game that made it difficult for clubs with limited resources to clear a pitch and hence games were put off even although the pitch was absolutely fine beneath the snow.

Now that snow is much less of an issue that it was twenty or thirty years ago it is frost that is the main reason for postponements (except when it is rain).

To protect a pitch from frost in this sort of weather would need covers with the insulating properties of a winter weight duvet, and it would also have to be completely waterproof.

A thin canvas or plastic sheet is totally useless in the sort of temperatures we have had over the past few nights.

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