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Best and Worst signings of 2015

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Best for Clyde is undeniably Mark McLaughlin. A genuine leader and despite hitting 40 he's still a top defender at League 2 level. I think we've only lost about four league games this calendar year when he's been playing. Plus he's a proper club legend from his previous spell.

Worst would probably be Brisbane. Plenty of ability but serious flaws in his game, particularly his high intensity fitness.

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Best: Plenty to choose from. Chris Smith, Ross McMillan & David Verlaque have been stand outs since signing however Mark Lamont gets my vote for the best. He's the kind of player fans love to watch, direct, 2 footed, not afraid to take on a man and his ball's into the box are 2nd to none. I've said it before, but there is probably no coincidence that our results (and goalscoring) have improved since he was brought in.

Worst: After last season and some of this......again, plenty to chose from. JakeSAFC has gone for John Paul McGovern and to be honest he is certainly up there, he was torture for his 4 or 5 games and obviously played the "big time Charlie" card to get out. Mark Staunton and by the look of it David Sinclair also have to be considered but I think Adam Cummins beats them for this glorious award. Signed on loan from Motherwell to shore up a Defence with more holes than a block of cheese. Having played for Everton and being a First Team regular for Motherwell, everyone thought McLaren had pulled of a real coup when in truth he was worse than the Defenders already released from the club.

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Fraser is great, but Andrew Steeves was the best signing of 2015 for me. I am still a bit amazed we got him. Quick, tough tackling and full of commitment; his absence has been painful in our recent bad run.

worst signing? Jahmal Howling Muddle is the obvious candidate. Just dreadful and by no stretch of the imagination a footballer. Thankfully his loan seems to have been terminated.

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