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New badge for Ayr

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To check if this is acceptable, someone should send it to Alexander Green (the Lord Lyon's PF for his approval.

Personally, I'd like to see Ayr do nothing and see if the Lord Lyon's PF really will pursue this matter all the way to "the Lyon Court". Be good to hear the explanation as to why no action is taken about the other 20 odd "illegal badges" until a complaint is made.

As it stands, the law means that the other badges are sitting ducks until they come to the Lord Lyon's attention under a law which is a mere 100 years older than the Salem Witch Trials! post-60911-14480065534475_thumb.jpg


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Who grassed Airdrie into this Lyon thing previously?

Think it was a case that someone at the stadium company was trying to get it trademarked or something along those lines and it was brought to the attention of Lord Lyon during that process

See if Ayr keep their badge where does that put us?

Same position we are currently in I would imagine

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Lord Lyon's procurator fiscal says that he's in constructive talks with the club and indicated that he's thinking along the same lines as El Gringo (although he wouldn't confirm if he would approve that exact design).

Ayr fans if you like it you should let the club know. It's essentially doing what Airdrie did by making the least number of changes to the existing badge.

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