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Apparently sales of watches are on the decline as many younger people use their mobile phones to tell the time.

Interesting to see what the majority of P&B'ers use as their daily timepiece and if a watch, is it digital or analogue?

Personally., I fucking love watches and have about 6, but I'm a boring old git


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I used to own quite a few watches, enjoyed collecting them. Now I just have one "good" one I've had for about seven years or so. It's a Tissot but dunno which model.

I prefer watching to watches these days.

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I am one of those with a smartwatch - its the Microsoft band

really handy thing to have with the msgs and emails coming onto it and the fitness monitor being there so I don't need more than one device on my wrist.

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BSA will be like a fly on shite on this thread, posting photos of overpriced shit the size of a dustbin lid.


I've got a Tag Heuer, but my ultimate dream is to acquire a Rolex submariner (stainless steel) not the gold version they are 20k, but the stainless steel 2nd hand are only 5k. If you are into watches check out Archieluxury on youtube. Archie is the watch guru. :lol:

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I've never worn a watch regularly but have recently been considering getting myself a nice smart one, I think it helps top off a nice outfit.

Got two sitting in a drawer somewhere, a black G shock and a dressy number but both are pretty done in. Got the dressy one for my 21st, wore it that night, got wrecked and fell against a rough wall and scratched f**k out it, never worn it since.

Always avoided nice stuff when i was younger as I would just get p!shed and wreck or lose everything. Now im getting older and a little more sensible i think its time for a new watch.

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