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Yeah fantastic semi. Novak has now lost the first set in the third round, fourth round, quarter and semi final and still won each of them. That’s the first time he’s been taken to five sets though. Zverev is a great player and I’m sure he will win multiple majors, but Djokovic is still better.
He will play Medvedev in the final going for a record breaking 21 slams. The Russian cruised through in straight sets against the Canadian Auger-Alliassime.
Feel like Medvedev has been the next big thing in tennis for years now. He’s now 25 and still without a major title. Will his first come against the GOAT? Unlikely, in his interview after the semi he didn’t seem to fancy himself against Djokovic much.

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The BBC sport website yesterday was trumpeting a 60 minutes highlight package they had agreed which would be shown on Sunday afternoon. It would be the only coverage available on terrestrial TV they said... 

Today they have confirmed the highlights programme will no longer be broadcast in the wake of the channel 4 deal :lol:

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3 hours ago, TheScarf said:

The women's final is live on channel 4 tonight.

I was wondering what rag tag bunch of nobodies channel 4 could scrape up in time for tonight. But it’s just a simulcast of the Amazon Prime coverage.  Amazon are donating the fee back into grass roots tennis.

I think it was Andy Roddick that said during the week that Novak first takes your legs and then takes your tennis soul.  Zverev was pretty damn good last night, but there is no one better than accelerating through levels three hours into a match.

Looking forward to tonight’s match more than the men’s.  A lot more variety and shots will be seen.  Hopefully Raducanu can do it.

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54 minutes ago, Mark Connolly said:

Joe Salisbury has done the doubles double


Fantastic result! IIRC Joe pinched Krawczyk back off Neal Skupski after he and Harriet Dart lost to them in the Wimbledon mixed final. 

Salisbury and Ram have been brilliant since they paired up in the men's doubles last year. Top male doubles player atm.



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2 minutes ago, Left Back said:

Who all thinks she’s going to win it then?

Straight sets for me, based on nothing more than she’s swatted everyone aside so far and is also more of a wid than the Canadian lassie.

Fernandez has beaten better players in the previous rounds. She looked more relaxed in the interviews and warm up. 

Hopefully, Raducanu was just more focused. 


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