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Elgin City v Stirling Albion

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Mckenzie doing well for Elgin. Works very hard when not in possession which is important even when he isn't having the best of games. Heard he was top player in pre season bleep test.

McLeod also doing well. I'd disagree that he is similar to Gunn but compliments him well. Is more of a target man to me. Competes well in the air, holds the ball up and works hard at closing defenders down. Obviously has an eye for goal as well. Does well all the things Shane Sutherland didn't do. Good signing.

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Stirling are finishing bottom.

We've played Clyde (H), Berwick (H) and Elgin (A) and been beaten by workmanlike teams. They all deserved their victories but a half competent Albion team would easily have got through those games with some sort of result.

Our draw down at Annan was the result of a "fortunate" penalty otherwise another defeat.

Referee must have been dire for both sides as his booking of Ross Forsyth for diving is probably one of the worst decisions ever seen.

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Watched the highlights of the Elgin game, poor defending for the goal, apart from that we looked not too bad but we cannot get a win.

Not surprised the Albion fans are unhappy with the current state of affairs, we badly need someone to put the ball in the back of the net.

Given the current state of affairs unless we start picking up points in the next 2 games min of 4 points should be achieveable, if not then Skippy should be shown the door imo.

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